Technology and Informatics
Workstream Strategy

Molecular Diagnostics

Aim: Faster implementation of emerging technologies to stimulate modernisation of cellular molecular pathology.

Digital Pathology

Aim: Faster implementation of digital pathology to stimulate modernisation of cellular molecular pathology.

Informatics and Integrated Reporting

Aim: Integration of multi-parameter data into pathology reports, with alogrithsm to guide interpretation and action.

Technology and Informatics
Workstream Members

Dr Clare Verrill, University of Oxford
Dr Richard Colling, University of Oxford
Dr Clare Craig, Genomics England
Professor Sarah Coupland, University of Liverpool
Dr Sophie Scott, Abbvie
Dr Philip Macklin, University of Oxford
Dr Gabi Rees, University of Oxford
Professor David Snead, University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire
Dr Philippe Taniere, University Hospitals Birmingham
Dr Darren Treanor, University of Leeds
Dr Jayson Wang, St George’s Hospital London
Dr Tony Sackville, BIVDA
Dr Abhi Ghosh, Royal Berkshire Hospital
Dr Elza Tjio, Hull Royal Infirmary
Dr Bethany Williams, University of Leeds

Technology and Informatics Workstream Lead, Dr Clare Verrill

Clare Verrill New

There are some amazing members within workstream 4 and I am really looking forward most to working with them and pulling all the different threads together. I think that there are many opportunities for CM-Path to take the lead in digital pathology nationally and am looking forward to working with Darren Treanor, Digital Pathology Sub Group lead on this. Also, these are exciting times in molecular diagnostics and I am looking forward to working alongside organisations such as Genomics England in this field with Sarah Coupland, Molecular Diagnostics Sub Group lead. We also have an Integrated Reporting Subgroup, which is organising a consensus workshop for 2018. I will be exploring opportunities to help develop training for consultants and Speciality Trainees in these fields.  And, I am very much looking forwards to setting up industry forums in digital pathology and also in molecular diagnostics.