Skills and Capacity Workstream Strategy

Upskilling in Excellence: Creating the Modern Pathologist

Aim: Define recommendations for the future of molecular pathology training.

Developing Academic Pathology

Aim: Provide a training framework and identify and develop opportunities to enhance academic activity in pathology.

Training Pathologists in Clinical Trials

Aim: Define the various roles of pathologists in clinical trials and outline a training programme.

Pathology in the Undergraduate Curriculum

Aim: To future-proof pathology and academic pathology it is essential to attract the brightest and best talent into the discipline.

Skills and Capacity Workstream Members

Professor Louise Jones, Barts Cancer Institute
Professor Richard Byers, University of Manchester
Dr Maria Calaminici, Barts Cancer Institute
Dr Kathryn Griffin, St James’ University Hospital, Leeds
Dr Shirley Henderson, University of Oxford
Professor Mohammad Illyas, University of Nottingham
Dr Tomoko Iwata, University of Glasgow
Dr Hayley Morris, University of Glasow
Professor Kikkeri Naresh, Imperial College London
Professor Manuel Salto-Tellez, Queen’s University Belfast
Dr Nick West, University of Leeds
Dr Caroline Young, University of Leeds
Dr Cornelia Szescsei, Cheltenham General Hospital
Dr Vinaya Srirangam, Royal Free Hospital
Dr Kezia Gaitskell, University of Oxford

Skills and Capacity Lead, Professor Louise Jones

Professor Louise Jones is a Professor of Breast Pathology at Barts Cancer Institute and Clinical Lead for Molecular Pathology in the Genomics England 100.000 Genomes Project.

Louise Jones Photo

Louise says “CM-Path is an exciting, ambitious and very timely initiative. Molecular Pathology is now a reality and as Pathologists we need to embrace this new technology. Pathologists are central to the application of precision medicine, to translational research and to Biobanking in its widest sense. We need to ensure the next generation of Pathologists has the skills to lead Molecular Pathology, we need to up-skill our current workforce, and we need to enthuse undergraduates about Pathology as a discipline and a career. This is what I hope CM-Path will achieve, and I am thrilled to be part of it.”