Discovery Workstream Strategy


Aim: Engage pathologists with biobanking and ensure harmonisation of pathology procedures across UK biobanks.

CM-Path Network Development

Aim: Allow information sharing and promote academic pathology to ensure effective networking of pathologists across the UK.

Generic Consent

Aim: Create a template consent form and patient information sheet to reduce regulatory burden on tissue banks and research studies

Discovery Workstream Members

Professor Gareth Thomas, University of Southampton
Professor Mark Arends, University of Edinburgh
Dr Guy Betts, Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Scarlet Brockmoeller, University of Leeds
Dr Maggie Cheang, Institute of Cancer Research London
Dr Philip Elliott, Royal London Hospital
Dr Sidonie Hartridge-Lambert, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Dr Keith Hunter, University of Sheffield
Dr Susan Richman, University of Leeds
Professor Valerie Speirs, University of Leeds
Dr Raffaella Tate, NCRI Consumer Forum
Dr Vijay Sharma, University of Liverpool

Members of the Discovery Workstream at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, 10 March 2017.

Discovery Workstream Lead, Professor Gareth Thomas

Gareth is the Chair of Experimental Pathology at the University of Southampton.

GJ Thomas Photo

Gareth speaks about the CM-Path initiative: “I have worked in clinical research for over two decades, and to see academic pathology struggle in recent years has been a great disappointment. Pathology has led the way in the understanding and classification of disease, and this is particularly important as we enter an age of personalised medicine that will be largely based on molecular analyses of tissues. I am very encouraged by the response to the CM-Path initiative, and really looking forward to working with this team of talented and enthusiastic pathologists. My hope is that CM-Path will contribute significantly to the reinvigoration of academic pathology and that we can rekindle a love of research that lies at the heart of successful pathology practice”