Clinical Trials Workstream Strategy


Lead: Dr Tim Kendall and Dr Max Robinson

Aim: Deliver an extension to the SPIRIT Statment increasing formal pathology involvement in the trials process.

Pathology Costing in Clinical Trials

Lead: Dr Owen Driskell, Dr Jackie McDermott and Dr Newton Wong

Aim: Propose changes to the NIHR commerial costing template and the HRA schedule of events to include more pathology based activity in clinical trials.

Improve Clinical Trial Training for Pathogists

Lead: Workstream 2

Aim: Increase training for pathology trainees and consultants in clinical trial and research and increase understanding of the value of pathology input into trial design.

Clinical Trials Workstream Outputs

» Download CM-Path’s survey results outlining awareness amongst pathologists of the NCRI CSGs (PDF), published in the Royal College of Pathologists January 2018 Bulletin

Clinical Trials Workstream Members

Dr Abeer Shaaban, University Hospitals Birmingham
Dr Owen Driskell, NIHR West Midlands
Dr Tim Kendall, University of Edinburgh
Dr Kathreena Kurian, University of Bristol
Dr Jackie McDermott, University College London Hospital
Dr Dan O’Connor, MHRA
Dr Elena Provenzano, University of Cambridge
Dr Max Robinson, University of Newcastle
Dr Manuel Rodriguez-Justo, University College London Hospitals
Dr Newton Wong, University of Bristol
Dr Dennis Zhang, University College London Hospitals
Dr Robert Pell, Royal Berkshire Hospital
Dr Aisling Longworth, University of Birmingham
Dr Lisette Martin, University of Sheffield


Clinical Trials Workstream Lead, Dr Abeer Shaaban

Abeer Shaaban

I am very excited to take on the role of Workstream 2 Lead. As an NHS pathologist who has been passionate and involved in cancer research and trials, I believe Workstream 2 can play a pivotal role in encouraging and supporting pathologists to contribute to trials and translational research. There are excellent examples of how pathology made a difference to important and practice changing trials and we will be working to share experience and examples of good practice and also to ensure pathologists get adequate support to deliver on this important and rapidly developing area.

Through a team of enthusiastic and energetic pathologists, scientists, trainees and patient representatives, Workstream 2 is covering several important themes. We hold an annual Trial’s day (next event is on 9 February 2018) providing guidance and relevant information to pathologists willing to be involved in clinical trials. Workstream 2 also oversees QA issues in research and trials, supports pathologists’ participation in NCRI Clinical Studies Groups and patient involvement. The group also provides input into the assessment of research proposals via the clinical trials pathology advisory group (CT-PAG). CM-Path is an exciting opportunity to work together to revive academic pathology. Please get involved. Together we can make a difference!