Clinical Trial Pathology Advisory Group (CT-PAG)

CT-PAG is a new advisory group that sits within the CM-Path initiative. CT-PAG provides advice on pathology requirements in clinical trial design. The remit of the group is broad, including advising on:

  • Tissue acquisition, processing, storage and access
  • Tissue analytics, including DNA and RNA sequencing, genomic microarrays, DNA methylation, PCR, proteomics, metabolomics, circulating tumour cells and cell-free DNA, immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridisation
  • All types of biomarkers including predisposition, screening, diagnostic, prognostic, predictive, pharmacological and surrogate response
  • Biomarker discovery, assay development, qualification
  • Bioinformatics of large data sets, biostatistical analysis

For more information on the CT-PAG review process, download the poster CT-PAG presented at the NCRI Cancer Conference 2017:

» CT-PAG Poster NCRI Cancer Conference, 2017 (PDF)

How to Get Advice from CT-PAG

1. Call For Proposals

CT-PAG will promote its call for proposals where developed clinical trial proposals will be submitted to the group. Up to 6 proposals will be invited for oral feedback via teleconference. All other proposals will recieve feedback via email. For more information on how CT-PAG will review proposals, download the CT-PAG Proforma.

This is currently not available to apply for.

2. Ongoing Advice for Early-Stage Proposals

If you are in the early stages of trial design and would like ongoing support for setting up your trial, CT-PAG can provide a specialist in a relevant field to help you work on the proposal on a 1:1 basis via email and teleconference.

Support can be sought at any time by emailing and providing a short summary of the trial and any plans for incorporating pathology or biomarker protocols.

CT-PAG Members

Chair, Dr Maggie Cheang

Steering Committee

Dr Guy Betts
Professor Craig Robson
Dr Sidonie Hartridge-Lambert
Dr Max Robinson
Dr Abeer Shabaan
Professor Gareth Thomas
Dr Newton Wong

NCRI Group Representatives

NCRI Bladder and Renal Group, Dr Ananya Choudhury
NCRI Brain Group, Dr Kathreena Kurian
NCRI Breast Group, TBC
NCRI Children’s Cancer & Leukaemia Group, Professor Andy Hall
NCRI Colorectal Group, Dr Nick West
NCRI Gynaecological Group, Dr Naveena Singh
NCRI Head and Neck Group, Dr Max Robinson
NCRI Haematological Oncology Group, TBC
NCRI Lung Group, Dr William Wallace
NCRI Lymphoma Group, Dr Maria Calaminici
NCRI Upper GI Group, Dr Gordon Hutchins
NCRI Prostate Group, Professor Daniel Berney
NCRI Skin Group, Dr Craig Paul
NCRI Sarcoma Group,  Dr Malee Fernando
NCRI Testis Group, TBC

Expert Review Panel

Dr Engy Abdellatif
Professor Roz Banks
Professor Sebastian Brandner
Dr Emma Clark
Professor Eithne Costello-Goldring
Professor Christopher Foster
Dr Gareth Gerrard
Dr Paul Huang
Mr Michael Kemp
Dr Hector Keun
Dr Jamshid Sorouri Khorashad
Dr Syed Ali Khurram
Dr Simon Lord
Miss Susana Miranda
Dr Abhik Mukherjee
Dr David Poller
Dr Nuria Porta
Mr Derek Price
Dr Anne Marie Quinn
Dr Claudia Roberts
Dr Manuel Rodriguez-Justo
Dr Jayson Wang
Dr Nick West
Dr Elena Provenzano

Please note, our expert review panel contains experts affiliated with industry. Please let us know if you would prefer your proposals to be reviewed by academic colleagues only.

Other relevant support from NCRI and CTRad

The NCRI also offers specific guidance and critique of radiotherapy requirements in your trial. To access this please get in touch with NCRI’s Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Working Group (CTRad).

» The CTRad Biomarker Support Network (NCRI webpage)