CM-Path Network

What is the CM-Path Network

A UK-Wide Network of pathology centres.

Facilitating a community of pathologists and other interested parties across the UK.

It’s free to join.

What is the purpose of the CM-Path Network?

The CM-Path Network will:

  1. Encourage and establish best practice for molecular testing across the UK
  2. Support pathologists/pathology centres to engage in tissue-based research
  3. Support academic and clinical training and development

What are the benefits of joining the CM-Path Network?

  • Links to a UK-wide pathology network with a wide array of expertise
  • Support, advice and regular communication regarding molecular testing in the NHS
  • Access to expertise in best practice tissue handling and biobanking
  • Regular information updates, exciting workshops, opinion pieces circulated
  • Advice on academic training opportunities
  • Engaging with research opportunities across the UK

Find out more about the CM-Path Network: