CM-Path Structure

CM-Path is made up of four Workstreams that were identified as priority areas for academic cellular molecular pathology development. In addition cross-cutting themes that span all four Workstreams have been identified. Workstreams are co-ordinated and held accountable for progress by a strategic and proactive Executive Group, and delivered with the help of a dedicated programme manager.


Workstream Structure

The Workstream structure has been distilled from the topics identified as priorities to achieve the change needed to support academic cellular pathology in the UK and make the resulting benefits available to the wider research community.

Workstream 1 (Skills and Capacity) has its focus on education and continuous up-skilling of the cellular pathology workforce

Workstream 2 (Clinical Trials) represents profession-wide engagement with clinical trials and other research needing relatively straightforward cellular and molecular pathology support

Workstream 3 (Discovery) reflects activities predominantly located in ‘hub’ centres of excellence, investigating the biology of cancer and its treatments

Workstream 4 (Technology and Informatics) is the ‘middle ground’ of R&D, weighted towards ‘D’ for continuous innovation in cellular molecular pathology and pathology informatics, and to disseminate the uptake of new technologies/tests