CM-Path Strategic Vision


CM-Path is committed to supporting the TRAINING of all pathologists at all stages in their careers in order to produce a workforce with the skills necessary to maximise the benefits of new research findings for the treatment of cancer patients.



CM-Path will ensure that pathology expertise is available to drive and deliver high quality pathology contribution to clinical TRIALS. We will work to enable pathologists to be involved appropriately from trial development onwards.



CM-Path will share practice and develop solutions to support pathologists to have TIME in their job plans to develop and deliver clinical and translational studies as well as other academic activity.


  • Propose changes to the NIHR commercial costing template and the HRA Schedule of events to include more pathology activities. To ensure that pathology is costed for appropriately in trials.
  • Investigate launching new funding themed calls in molecular pathology with funding bodies such as NIHR/MRC to allow pathologists funding and time in their job plans to deliver research.


CM-Path is committed to promoting tissue-based research, facilitating access to good quality TISSUE samples which are suitable to analysis using new and emerging technology and building and enabling quality supporting infrastructure.



CM-Path will support pathologist to gain expertise in, evaluate and deliver appropriate novel pathology TESTS, TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS and integrated diagnostics.


  • Engage with NHSE to define pathology involvement in the ongoing evaluation, management and updates of the genomic test directory
  • Plan and execute an integrated diagnostics workshop on ‘’the pathology report of the future’’ (to aid understanding of the medium-to-long term overarching vision, so as to help co-ordinated planning, prioritisation and delivery of digital pathology and molecular diagnostics)
  • Engage with PPI to gauge the understanding and views on public perception of cellular pathology and working with industrial partners in order to create such image analysis/AI tools. We would like to understand what educational or engagement materials could be created and be most effective and also how we should convey the messages about the need to work with industry.


CM-Path will deliver a TRANSITION plan by March 2020 for consideration by the NCRI Strategy Advisory Group and NCRI Funding partners to ensure that the NCRI does not lose the valuable ideas in, knowledge of, position with and understanding of the pathology discipline that it has gained through CM-Path.


  • Deliver a strategic vision for CM-Path beyond 2021 and submit as a funding proposal to the NCRI by March 2020.