CM-Path Trainee Scheme

Applications for CM-Path Trainee Scheme



Applications for 2018/2019 Trainee Cohort now closed.

Applications for 2019/2020 will open in April 2019.


Read what one of our current Trainee's says about the CM-Path Trainee Scheme:

I felt that as a trainee, it is important to embrace academic pathology and the emerging technologies that will become mainstream in diagnostic specialties during my future career. CM-Path is leading the way with regards to shaping the future of academic/molecular pathology in the UK and it has been extremely helpful to be able to work alongside several senior academic pathologists as part of this initiative.

Role Description

Aims & Objectives:

Offer the opportunity to experience the workings of a national initiative

Provide an opportunity to build collaborative networks in the trainee’s field of interest with established pathologists and to potentially develop their own ideas in association with other workstream members

Educate trainees to barriers of pathology research in the UK and potential interventions to these issues

Allow trainees to play a role in reinvigorating pathology research in the UK

The Role:

Between two and four trainees will be appointed to each CM-Path workstream. Successful candidates will be expected to:

  • Attend all workstream meetings and teleconferences
  • Contribute to activities of the workstream by preparing for meetings, contributing to group discussions and fulfilling any tasks required
  • Submit a progress report on his/her involvement at the end of the period of tenure


Appointments will be initially for 12 months, allowing sufficient time for the trainee to undertake tasks that expose them to a wide range of activities.

The norm will be that after 12 months, trainees will rotate off the scheme, allowing a new cohort of trainees to begin their membership. However, under certain circumstances, extensions may be made. This will be decided by the workstream as a whole, based on the needs of the group and the contribution of the individual to the Group.

If a trainee gains a consultant position whilst participating in the trainee scheme, they will complete their 12-month tenure and may then be given the opportunity to apply to become a workstream member.

Further Information

For further information regarding the CM-Path trainee scheme, please contact the CM-Path programme manager at or 020 3469 8530.

Two of our trainees, Philip Elliott and Sara Waise recently presented their PhD work at the Liquid Biopsy Symposium run by the CM-Path Discovery Workstream.