With its new chair, Professor David Harrison, at the helm, CM-Path share top priorities

NCRI’s Cellular Molecular Pathology Initiative (CM-Path) was established in 2016 to bring together experts from pathology and other fields to build a stronger skills and resource base for the UK to undertake pathology research.

A collaboration of NCRI Partners has committed £635,000 to the initiative to boost the UK’s research activity in cellular molecular pathology.

Professor David Harrison has recently been appointed to the CM-Path Chair position.

» Listen to David as he explains CM-Path

Looking forward to the next two years, David and CM-Path announce new aims alongside strategic plans to help make this transformative change in pathology and cancer research a reality in the UK.

» Hear more from David about the new focus of the programme.

You can find out more about CM-Path’s priorities here and demonstrated in the diagram below.

The importance of pathology is increasingly being recognised in drug development and clinical research. CM-Path therefore aim to change the way pathologists engage with, conduct and are recognised for their work in clinical trials in the UK.

Hear from David as to why he believes organising this change at this point in the programme is important and why this focus in particular:

‘By creating internationally recognised standards for pathology, cutting down on regulatory and time burdens and ensuring that pathology is fully costed in clinical trials we will be able to have a transformative effect, not just for pathologists but all disciplines involved in clinical cancer research.’

Hear from Ruth Plummer, NCRI Strategy Advisory Group member as to why CM-Path making this change and refocus as this point in the programme is important and the benefits it will make

‘CM-Paths renewed focus and the specific objectives set out in the new plan will benefit pathologists to ensure they have the time and resources to continue their excellent work in clinical trials. Their expertise in the era of precision medicine is vital to help oncologists offer the best treatments to the right patients.’


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