Molecular and digital pathology – The future, The 3rd joint RSM and Pathological Society winter meeting

The 3rd joint RSM and Pathological Society winter meeting will give you a unique view of ongoing advances in molecular pathology and digital pathology with a focus on recent developments and themes for the future, including genetics and oncology topics.

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Delegates will get an insight into exciting emerging novel technologies that are already being used, and others that are soon to be incorporated into these two cutting edge pathological disciplines.

Finally, delegates will hear about how innovative technologies can be used to enhance pathology teaching and training at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Topics include:

  • Understand and know about digital and computational pathology developments including QuPath, PathLAKE, tissue phenomics, quantitative biomarker research, and optical imaging.
  • Be able to evaluate how assessment drives learning in Pathology and appreciate the importance of role models and how to inspire trainees to become teachers.
  • Understand and know about molecular pathology developments including in colorectal cancer, endometrial pathology, melanoma, breast pathology and apoptosis.
  • Understand how different mutant cancer susceptibility genes can interact during tumour development.

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