CM-Path Pathology Directory

Information collection and consent form

Background information:

At a time when pathology expertise is increasingly required for complex tissue-based research, academic pathology has experienced a steep decline, with researchers struggling to find collaborative pathologists. The CM-Path Pathology Directory aims to address this by developing a UK-wide network of pathologists who are willing to support research, linking individual pathologists with specific research groups or projects.  The Directory will contain information on areas of pathologist research interest, enabling researchers to select pathologists with expertise in their disease area. The Directory will also provide:

  • Advice on ethics, tissue acquisition and access
  • Expertise in histological and molecular analysis of tissues,
  • Advice on pathology support for clinical trial development and biomarker selection
  • Trainee support and development

The Directory will be displayed on the CM-Path website in excel format. It will NOT be downloadable. If you consent to join using this form, we will display the information collected so that people seeking pathology support can contact you directly.

About the form:

  • This form is to collect information about the pathologists that wish to join the Directory
  • This form acts as your consent to join the Pathology Directory and for your details to be published as part of an excel file on the CM-Path website

Your responsibility

  • The CM-Path Pathology Directory will be updated once annually – this will involve an email to all members in the directory to confirm their details. If you do not respond to this email you will be removed from the Directory. You will be chased once for this confirmation
  • It is your responsibility to inform us if any of your information of details on this form change
  • Please help us keep the Pathology Directory up to date so it can be useful!

Fill in the form below to join the Directory!

e.g. Liver, Head and Neck, Breast, Lung etc.
For example, do you have any expertise in tissue acquisition, ethics applications, molecular techniques, clinical trial devlopment, biomarkers.