CM-Path Network

What is the CM-Path Network

A UK-Wide Network of pathology centres.


What is the purpose of the CM-Path Network?

The CM-Path Network will:

  1. Encourage and establish best practice for molecular testing across the UK
  2. Support pathologists/pathology centres to engage in tissue-based research
  3. Support academic and clinical training and development

What are the benefits of joining the CM-Path Network?

  • Links to a UK-wide pathology network with a wide array of expertise
  • Support, advice and regular communication regarding molecular testing in the NHS
  • Access to expertise in best practice tissue handling and biobanking
  • Regular information updates, exciting workshops, opinion pieces circulated
  • Advice on academic training opportunities
  • Engaging with research opportunities across the UK

How do I join the CM-Path Network?

Email to register your interest in joining the CM-Path Network. In your email please inform us of your institute and the lead pathologist proposed for your site.

We will also ask you to fill in the following short survey. This will give us some information about your department.

Find out more about the CM-Path Network: