Clinical Trial Pathology: Training a New Generation of Clinical Trial Pathologists

The Royal College of Pathologists hosted the second of an annual workshop series in conjunction with the National Cancer Research Institute’s CM-Path initiative. The workshop aimed to provide key information to pathologists who are keen to get involved in clinical research; including an introduction to navigating the academic career pathway, quality assurance in clinical trials, statistics and clinical trial design.

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Speaker Presentations

» Getting into Clinical Trials: Tales of a Former Trainee – Dr Nick West (PDF)

» Overview of NCRI Clinical Studies groups – experience of a CSG pathologist – Dr Abeer Shaaban (PDF)

» Awareness of CSGs – Survey Results – Dr Dennis Zhang (PDF)

» Regulation and accreditation of laboratories undertaking trial work – Dr Owen Driskell (PDF)

» Scoring and reporting – guidance for laboratories undertaking trial work – Dr Max Robinson (PDF)

» Use and validation of digital pathology and imaging for clinical trials and research – Professor Clare Verrill (PDF)

» NIHR Costing for Trials Where to Start? – Mr Philip Good

» Trial Design and Statistics for Beginners – Professor Judith Bliss (PDF)

» CT-PAG: Providing Advice for Pathology in Clinical Trials – Professor Craig Robson (PDF)

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